Truss adds color to skiing sports

29 Jun 2024

The FIS Freestyle Ski, Snowboard and Freeski World Championships will take place in Georgia for the first time in history. Beginning on February 18 and lasting until March 5, the World Championship will gather the biggest stars in winter sports at the historical resort of Bakuriani.

With the arrival of winter, a grand skiing competition is about to kick off on the top of the snowy mountain. As the prelude to this ice and snow feast, the opening ceremony attracted the attention of many audiences with its unique charm and wonderful performances. The truss design of the opening ceremony stage is even more ingenious, adding a sense of mystery and shock to this ice and snow feast.

Truss adds color to skiing sports

The main structure of the opening ceremony stage is composed of aluminum alloy trusses, which present simple and solid lines. The unpainted trusses are silver, blending with the surrounding snow scenery, symbolizing purity and strength. The huge triangular truss ridge above the stage prevents snow accumulation and the 6 tall columns below are equipped with steel diagonal braces, standing firmly in the ice and snow plain, with two decorative columns on both sides that fit the theme of skiing. Truss 18 x 14 x 8 m, Stage 18 x 12 m, Layer truss 10 m Height.

The trusses above the stage are decorated with colorful lights, and athletes from various countries hold the flags of participating countries and come on stage in an orderly manner. The lights flicker with the rhythm of the music, and the flags flutter in the wind, adding vitality to the opening ceremony. The audience in the audience wore bright woolen hats and were in this world of light and shadow, as if they were in a dreamy ice and snow kingdom.

Truss adds color to skiing sports

Under the stage, the truss was cleverly designed as an audience area, providing enough space for the audience to watch the performance comfortably. The audience area is divided into several areas, with heating tents and campfire restaurants and tables and chairs next to it, which is convenient for the audience to watch the game and play. In addition, there are multiple safety passages and emergency exits under the stage to ensure the safety of the audience.

Truss adds color to skiing sports

The design of the stage truss not only focuses on beauty, but also takes into account functionality. Multiple cameras and audio equipment are installed on the truss to ensure the live broadcast quality of the game and the viewing experience of the audience. The audience can watch the game progress in real time on the big screen and feel the athletes' struggle and persistence.

At the opening ceremony of the skiing competition, the design of the stage truss showed the charm of ice and snow sports and the fighting spirit of the athletes. It provided the audience with an excellent perspective to watch the competition, allowing them to feel the passion and speed of skiing up close.

Truss adds color to skiing sports

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Originally published 29 Jun 2024, updated 29 Jun 2024.

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