How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

27 Aug 2018

There is always risks for a high truss structure,incorrect products and processing will cause a fall which will damage stage,lighting,speaker,led screen,and the most important-your team.As an entertainment equipment,stage truss should be helpful to bring colorful life for us,a terrible fall is not what we want to face,so it is very important to keep our truss to be stable to make sure our team to be safe.

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

To avoid a dangerous events,Sgaier Truss now share some information with you:

1. pay attention to your truss beam

Why beam is the most important for us?any items over our head is a potential dangerous for us,right?it might hurt or make a death once risk become true.

A right size beam will make sure the correct loading capacity,a small truss can not overweight lighting and speakers,a professional truss engineer can give you professional advice with guaranteeing,we can see how structure engineers important for truss,do you dare to choose a supplier without structure engineer?

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

2. Check the clamps and the rigging

There are many type clamps and rigging in the market,check if the clamps are strong enough for your lighting,check if connect correct to the truss beam,check if the speakers with high loading capacity hoist and belt,check if led screen with right installation.the clamps should with suitable bolts and nuts,the hoist chain should be high hardness steel.

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

3. Check your truss pillar and base installation

For outdoor events,the base structure is important,did you use some safety belts or steel wire or steel pins to fix the whole truss structure?

Did you use some wires to avoid a truss twist?

Did you use a big heavy base instead small base plate?

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

4. Safe evacuation channel

well,we will use some stage barriers to stop our lovely crazy fans sometimes,right,the barrier with some doors is necessarily,more stairs around the stage platform will help the superstars leave the stage faster.some safe channels close by the audience.

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

5. Wind resistance

Sometimes,our clients use our structure on the beach,on the mountain,like Sgaier Truss in Brazil,in Belgium,in Chile and so on,so consider the wind resistance of the whole structure before you buy it.

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

6. Regular inspection

After every event,inspection every truss segment if any damage,or bent parts cant recover. After the designed lift time,checked by a professional engineer.don't use the broken truss segment,don't use the rust parts.

How to Keep Your Team Safe Under The Stage Truss

Truss is always working at the background,it looks simple,it is not well known like lighting and audio,but it is always the basic and most important part to make sure a safety event.we need it to hang our lighting and audio and led screen to show them in a right has very special design,manufacturing,handling and assembly requirements.

Sgaier Truss choose aluminum alloy raw material 6061 and 6082,no rust,high hardness,with professional 11years experienced engineers,with advanced equipment,with CE TUV SGS certifications.with patent certifications,with strictly quality control,with experienced sales,will give you highly guaranteeing if choose cooperate with us.

Once a truss structure has been professionally installed, and when it is done correctly it can create a wonderful event.

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Originally published 27 Aug 2018, updated 27 Aug 2018.

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