FISE Extreme Sports Professional Track

Project Name - FISE Extreme Sports Professional Track

City - Montpellier, France


Project Profile

This year, FISE is from May 8 to 12, 2024 on the banks of the Lez in Montpellier with new features that will provide a unique experience! For those who don't know, it's the largest action sports festival in the world where hundreds of thousands of festival-goers share their passion for action sports for 5 days!

Design Parameters

In order to meet the needs of 3 types of competition venues and 15 events, this carnival prepared 480pcs 1.22*2.44 stage panels with a total length of 25 meters and 4 floor of layer trusses with a total height of 2845mm.Because this is the venue commonly used by the organizers each year, the design plans still reference the original 2022 blueprint.

Structural Design

There are three types of competition venues for this carnival, all of which are built on the same land using the same Layer trusses and stage boards according to different competition needs.

The design of a skateboard track must consider:

1. Terrain and Slope: Include various terrains like bowls, half-pipes, ramps, and obstacles to challenge athletes and showcase skills.

2. Materials and Surface Treatment: Use durable, non-slip materials and treatments for good friction in all weather, ensuring safety and smooth skateboarding.

3. Safety Measures: Implement buffer zones, safety mats, clear signs, and emergency medical facilities to protect athletes.

4. Diversity and Innovation: Incorporate unique obstacles and terrain to foster creativity and individuality.

5. Spectator Perspective: Designate spectator areas and photography spots for clear views of athletes'movements.

6. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Use sustainable materials and methods to reduce environmental impact.

7. Compliance with International Standards: Ensure the design meets international skateboarding organization standards for global events.

These guidelines ensure a challenging and safe environment for athletes, enhance spectator experience, and promote environmental sustainability.

Material Selection

For this event, we have prepared 1.22 x 2.44m aluminum Layer truss, same size plywood

1. Firstly, the frame uses high-strength and heavy-duty materials with stable connection points, and the supporting part with foot cups can stably carry various equipment and personnel to ensure its stability under various conditions. Simultaneously and reasonably designed structure can ensure that the stage frame has sufficient load-bearing capacity.

2. Use modular design to make construction and disassembly quick and convenient. This design not only saves time, but also allows for easy movement or reorganization when needed.

3. Adjust the number, position, and connection method of the stage frame modules to meet the customized needs of different customers.

4. We have set up appropriate guardrails at the stands and track edges to separate the players and spectators, preventing any impact on the game and the safety of the on-site personnel.

5. Finally, by selecting appropriate materials and colors, as well as considering coordination with the surrounding environment, the stage frame can be made more aesthetically pleasing.

Installation and Testing

FISE Extreme Sports Professional Track Installation and Testing

Installation Steps:

1. Design Review: Ensure the stage track design meets safety and performance standards.

2. Site Preparation: Clean, level, and reinforce the track surface to withstand impact.

3. Infrastructure Construction: Build ramps, bowls, half-pipes, etc., using appropriate materials.

4. Surface Treatment: Lay durable materials with proper friction.

5. Safety Facility Installation: Add safety mats, fences, and warning signs.

6. Auxiliary Facility Addition: Install lighting, sound, decorations, and interactive elements.

Testing Phase:

1. Material and Structure Testing: Ensure all stage structures are stable and secure; check joints, welds, screws, and fixtures.

2. Standards Compliance: Ensure the design meets EN or relevant standards.

3. Athlete Feedback: Collect safety feedback from skateboarders of different levels.

4. Loading capacity test: test the loading capacity before delivery, up to 750kgs/m².

5. Safety Equipment Testing: Test the effectiveness of pads, fences, and airbags.

6. Adjustment and Optimization: Make necessary adjustments based on feedback.

7. Final Safety Check: Conduct a final safety check and hold public testing events.

8. Regular Maintenance and Monitoring: Regularly maintain and monitor the track.

These steps ensure the stage track provides a safe and exciting environment for athletes and spectators.

Customer Evaluation

It now seems that using Sgaier's stage to build the runway was the wisest choice FISE made this summer. The product is not only well designed and beautiful, but also successfully ensures the smooth progress of the event and the safety of the personnel. Finally, SgaierTruss sincerely hopes that this will not only be a sports event, but also a platform for cultural integration.

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